Frequently Asked Questions

To begin, download the app available on iOS and Android. You can earn online or in-store! For in-store, take your receipt from a recent purchase and place it flat on an even surface. Press "SCAN" on the app and align the receipt within the rectangular box. Press the button to capture the receipt. You'll receive an automatic amount of cash back. Make sure to take a clear picture of your receipt - it should show the name of the store, date of purchase and all items purchased. The better quality receipt and picture, the more you'll earn! There will be many opportunities moving forward for clear receipts. For online transactions, make sure to visit CoinOut each time before you make a purchase at one of our merchants.

Shop online? The best way to earn is by connecting your email address through our Email Connect service. You no longer have to forward your email receipts (starting in May)! Sync your email and get rewarded!
Make sure to visit the CoinOut app each time you make a purchase at one of our merchants. You need to click the merchant button on CoinOut once before a purchase to receive cash back.

Yes you can! Find the All Stores or See More Offers button in your app to see the full list of available merchants. Click on the merchant you are going to buy from, and it will automatically direct you to the app or mobile website of the store. Complete your purchase and that's it! You'll receive a text message notifcation from us soon thereafter (see below for the timing per merchant).

Each merchant has a slightly different notification window for how long they report the transactions. Please review the notification window mentioned in that online merchant section on the Rewards page. You will receive a text message from CoinOut telling you you've earned a pending reward. The reward will stay pending until the merchant approves the reward.

The merchant you purchased at determines when the online cash back reward will be active. The maximum time it will take is 90 days. You will receive a text message from us when it is approved.

There are a few easy things to get yourself set up to earn more!
First, get your referral link from the app in the "share and earn" section. Referral amounts change! You'll earn for every verified referral.
Second, badges on the homescreen of the app! The badges can show you anything from increasing your receipt limit, trivia, partner offers and more.
Third, make sure to connect your email and participate in all our programs!

Currently, there is no non-pending $ minimum to cash out for Bank or Amazon Gift Card. There is a $20.00 minimum of non-pending credits to cash out for PayPal.

All receipts from any retailer with the below information will receive cash back. If a receipt is uploaded more than once, the system may block your account.
1) Date of Transaction (must be within 2 weeks from upload date and shown on the receipt)
2) Store Name
3) Total Bill Amount
4) Receipt line items with prices
5) The receipt cannot have been uploaded by your account previously or another account.
If the receipt is not readable, the cash back will not be processed. If the receipt is too long, try folding the receipt to get most of the information in (date, store name, as many items with pricing as possible and total bill amount).

The following receipts do not receive cash back:
1) Receipt previously uploaded by you or another user
2) ATM Receipts
3) Lotto Tickets
4) Credit Card Slips
5) Packing Slips
6) Money Orders
7) Pictures of receipts on a device, barcodes, QR codes, or coupons
8) Pictures of electronic receipts
9) Handwritten Receipts
10)Receipts not in English

Here's a short video demonstrating the app:
CoinOut Demo

Please make sure you are on the latest version of the app. The timeout means the network on the phone is not strong enough to send the photo to our system. If you are on a stronger network / WiFi it should be able to transmit the photo. Please try uploading on a different network connection or flipping on airplane mode and then going out of it. Sometimes that will fix it.

We set a range each day of a minimum and maximum amount you can earn from a receipt. The amount you receive is randomized and is not based on the type of receipt or amount spent.

Once you cash out, we will review it within 10 business days. Once processed it takes 2-3 business days depending on your bank.

Once you request a gift card cash out, we will review it within 10 business days. If processed, you will receive the gift card to your email from within a few hours. Please note your email address listed on your CoinOut profile will be the email address we send the gift card to.

Once you request a PayPal cash out, we will review it within 10 business days. Please note your email address listed on your CoinOut profile will be the email address we send it to for PayPal.

In the app, press the "Share & Earn" and then "Share Link." You can share your link directly via social or get your individual link.

Anywhere that gives you a valid receipt! The best places to earn cash back are the following retailers. Keep an eye on the badges on the homescreen to see retailers of the week and more. You'll earn automatic, extra bonuses for visiting certain retailers. Over time, you'll earn more if you take pictures of receipts from these places. You can also upload receipts from other major retailers to see if eligible for cash back.

If a receipt has already been uploaded by your account or another account, you will not receive cash back.

We change it daily - tune in each day to see how many you can do!

In the app, press the $ sign button or account button on the bottom bar to see available options. If you are having any issues please email us at